KKL 22 Givatayim

TMA 38 3/A - Demolition of 2 existing 4-story buildings, with a common wall (at line 0 on the border of a lot), and construction of a residential building that is also divided into 2 buildings with a common wall, the 8-story building and the 3-story building Parking basements, where the lobby floor is shared by both buildings. Each floor is made up of 8 units and 2 vertical movement cores, in the center of the lobby there is a wide patio open to the sky for use by the tenants. Total 55 units, residential construction area 5,043 square meters, total construction area (including parking) 16,743 square meters.

Status: In Planning
Location: Givatayim
Type: Residential
Client: A. Eyal Ltd
Architects: Benny Perry Tali Darel Barak Pertzman Racheli Hopor
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