Nurit Gabay

Team leader - Senior Practical Architect

Born in 1972

Graduated as a practical architect at Ort Technical College in 1992.

She began her work in the profession in her military service at Binui Unit 562 at the Binui base in Jerusalem in the practical architect profession and gained professional experience in the military framework in the years 1992-1994 responsible for bases and their planning in several military bases in Israel.

In the year 1994 and upon her release, she joined S. Gendler Architecture and Town Planning and during the years specialized in urban and national projects such as educational buildings, sports and recreation centers, industrial and support buildings, hospitals, land and air transportation terminals, train stations and other public buildings.

In 2008, Nurit continued her work at V5 Architects as part of the merger of the firms, and since then she coordinates and manages projects in her field with authorities, local committees, entrepreneurs and various consultants.

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