Bar Ilan Cerebral Research Center

An academic research center that includes about 37 laboratories, a conference hall, study rooms and a library.
The building is a 7 story structure of a floor area of 7,400 square meters and was designed near the new entrance of the University.
The impressive facades that combine stone, aluminum and glass will be a prominent landmark in the campus landscape.
The plan of the structure expresses the connection between the fields of research: On the one hand, a series of biological laboratories, on the other a series of psychological laboratories. In the middle - a meeting area for students from all fields.
The building houses an animal research zoo, meeting halls, a main auditorium and various annex rooms.


Status: Completed
Year: 2004
Location: Bar Ilan
Type: Education
Client: Bar Ilan University
Architects: Benny Perry, Guy Canaan and Tali Darel
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