Migdal Hotel

A hotel complex of a total area of 170 dunams that includes 140 modular hospitality units and a central public complex that includes a lobby, a dining room, a conference center, a synagogue, etc.
There is a unique leisure pool in the center of the complex with direct access from the hospitality units.
There is a relaxing tube riding waterway (Lazy River) along the perimeter of the complex that integrates with the perimeter walking paths and empties into the central pool complex. The outdoor units have private swimming pools.
The complex has an integrated sports and leisure center that includes a spa, gym, tennis courts and a soccer field.

Status: Competition
Location: Migdal
Type: Public, Competition
Client: Private Developer
Architects: Benny Ankstein,, Midad Gendler, Chana Azaria and Amit Lahav
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