The Faculty of Land Engineering (formerly Agricultural Engineering)

Physics and Chemistry laboratories, research rooms, Faculty Board offices, an auditorium, a Faculty library, laboratories and an experimental area. The building is positioned on a slope so that it is partly three-story and partly two-story. The shape of the building (plan) is a "U", which creates an inner courtyard in which the land experiments are carried out.
Because the experiments and tests require materials such as plain, soft and distilled water, as well as different types of gases, shafts are located at two of the corners of the courtyard within which all of these systems pass with easy access for routine service.
The auditorium is located in one of the corners of the building and rises on a slope between the second floor and the third floor, below it, on the ground floor is a kind of "plaza" from which the main entrance to the building exits.

Status: Completed
Year: 1988
Location: Haifa
Type: Public
Client: The Technion
Architects: Shlomo Gendler
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