Shaviv, Herzliya

Gentrification project of the Shaviv [Yad Hatisha] neighborhood in Herzliya.
The Firm, together with the Kanaf-Parnes office, won a clarion call issued by the Municipality for the project to be carried out by NBS Israel.
The company maintains, together with Y. H. Dimeri, the administration for the implementation of the project, which mainly evacuates more than 1,000 families and establishes a neighborhood of 4,500 - 5,000 residential units that incorporates multiple public functions as well as employment opportunities and commercial floor space of a suitable scale.
The plan proposes the preservation of a model of housing from the period of the film "Salah Shabati", which was filmed in the neighborhood in the 1960s.

Status: In Planning
Location: Herzliya
Type: Urban Planning and Master Plan, Competition
Client: NBS Israel
Architects: Chana Azaria, Moriah Cohen, Midan Hefer, Noga Birman, Tali Darel and Benny Perry
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