Moria Park Skate park

In collaboration with Site Design Group, California, USA.
A concrete skate park of a total area of 2,500 square meters intended for skateboarders and BMX cyclists and integrated into a public park in the Buchman neighborhood of Modi'in.
The skate park design combines areas with different levels of difficulty and complexity suitable for different users, skaters and bikers, beginners, intermediate and advanced alike.
The park combines different complex styles such as street, flow, plaza, bowls, flat, etc.
The skate park is designed by the Site Design Group from the USA, which has designed over 300 skate parks across the country.
The design process incorporated comments and requests from potential users.

Status: Completed
Year: 2012
Location: Modi'in
Type: Sport
Client: Modi'in Economic Company
Architects: Meidad Gendler and Amnon Shlasky
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