The IDF Training Base Center - Central Sports Center

The IDF Training Base City complex is located at the Negev junction, near Yeruham.
The construction was carried out for the IDF by the concessionaire - Mabat Negev Ltd. (a partnership of the companies Manrav, Electra Construction and Bynet).
Among the basic facilities is a significant sports complex which contains: A large and multi-purpose sports hall for 1,000 spectators of a floor area of approximately 2,350 square meters, gyms and activities of a total floor area of approximately 1,900 square meters, an indoor and heated half sized Olympic swimming pool, a set of locker rooms, training rooms and auxiliary rooms.
In the outdoor areas, a standard athletics track, a standard soccer field and stands for spectators and 6 outdoor sports fields.

Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Location: IDF Training Base City
Type: Sport
Client: IDF (through the "View to the Negev Ltd." Company)
Architects: Meidad Gendler and Amnon Shlasky
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